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A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit

Fit is everything.  With suits, a perfect fit is especially crucial because the purpose of a suit is to accentuate masculine features and provide a slimmer, taller silhouette.  That’s why it’s so ironic that fit is so often overlooked and billowy, ill-fitting suits abound.

The same is true for dress shirts: they should be trim and flattering, making you feel polished and composed. Because it’s overlooked, too many men settle on excessively loose-fitting shirts.

When you finally wear a suit or shirt that is a perfect fit, it gets noticed — you’ll feel great and you’ll stand out.  The purpose of the garment is fulfilled.

Achieving the right fit is so much more than chest size and your pant length: it’s the padding in your shoulders, the cut of your armhole, the taper in your sleeves.  It’s subtle details like the pull in your jacket when you fasten the buttons.  The only way to ensure these finite details are correct is to commission a custom suit constructed with your specific body measurements.


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This slideshow is from a recent photoshoot by GQ Magazine. You can find the originals here and here.