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Our Guarantee

A Perfect Fit Suit


When you invest in custom you should expect perfection … And our guarantee ensures it.


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All work necessary to achieving a perfect fit are fully covered by Dress Code and handled by your Style Consultant. If your order requires slight alterations or even starting from scratch, we’re not finished until your order fits you perfectly — the exact way you like it. 

Due to the precise nature of our craft, please understand that tailoring to a perfect fit can take time. Any timeline estimate given by a Style Consultant or on our website is approximate, and not guaranteed. If alterations or a remake are required, that adds time to the overall wait period and –unlike alterations– such extended waits are not covered under our guarantee.

If you are seeking to wear your suit or shirt for an event or by a specific deadline, we recommend having your fitting well in advance and having a backup plan in place, in case tailoring to your desired fit takes longer than anticipated. Please communicate all events to your Style Consultant and Member Support before your initial fitting so we can work alongside you to try to make your timeline expectations work.

Please understand that because each garment is tailored specifically to the client who commissioned it, we do not accept refunds or returns. If your order is anything less than perfect, please notify your Style Consultant or Member Support within within 2 weeks of your final fitting and we will work on it until it is, no matter the cost.