Your Kids Like To Ride In Style Too


Buying a child safety seat is one of the more important first purchases that you are going to have to make as a new parent. Of course you want something that is completely safe, crash tested, and secure. However, that does not mean that you have to get something that is an eyesore, is made of harsh materials, and is something you really don’t want other parents to see in your backseat.

The Graco 4Ever All In One is a perfect example of a convertible car seat that excels in both form and function. It will protect your kids, but it is also something that brings with it a high end style. Your kids will love riding this safety seat and it is something that you will not mind looking at or using on a daily basis. Keeping your child safe has never looked so good. Whether you drive a Camry or a Cadillac, this is one seat that will you will enjoy using and have some peace of mind on the road.


This particular convertible seat is packed with features that make it easy for parents to operate. It gets high marks for its installation, safety, and ease of use. You can read a full review of the Graco 4Ever, but we have a quick breakdown of this car seat’s best features below.

Rear-facing: Suitable for children with an average weight of between 5-40 pounds. For safety reasons your kid’s head should not reach past one inch beneath the top of the cushion (headrest). The shell of this seat can seat to 27 inches. There is no limit for a child height except the 1” rule.

Forward- facing: Ideal for children with a weight of 20-65 pounds. When it comes to height, he or she should be between 27 inches to 52 inches. Make sure that the tip of your kid’s ear is below the top end of the cushion.

High back booster: Suitable for children with an average weight of between 30-100 pounds. They should also have a height of between 38 inches to 52 inches. For safety reasons, your child should be at least 8-years old before they switch from forward facing to high back booster.

Backless booster: I deal for children with an average weight of between 40-120 pounds, and with a height of between 40” to 57”. This limit is usually ideal for children who are at least 57” or 4’9” tall, although the usual range is between 4’9” to 5’.

Other features include: steel reinforced frame, easy to read bubble-level indicator, energy absorbing EPS foam, no thread harness, and adjustable base.


The Graco 4Ever convertible seat is 20” wide and 24” high. The seat is about 21.5” long. The seat has a weight of 23 pounds and comes with a 10 years lifespan. The lowest harness height is 7”, and the highest harness height is 18”. The highest booster height is about 19” and the internal rear facing height is 27.5” (1” below the cushion adjustment level which is 28.5”). Seating depth is about 12”, internal seating width is 13”, the widest point on the base is 15”, the broadest external seat breadth is 19.5”, and the narrowest point on the base both at the front and at the back is about 11.5”.

This seat is one of the easiest seats to install. The forward-facing and rear-facing installs well with the LATCH system for car seats. The paths of the belts are well labeled and color coded both in the manual and on the seat itself. The blue color is for rear facing, the orange for forward facing, and the green color is for boosters. The tether straps and the LATCH belts are very easy to remove or loosen when you want to, and they still stay secure.


  • Comes with a cover that is easy to remove
  • It’s very easy to install this seat with seat belt or LATCH
  • Can easily be converted to backless booster or high back mode
  • Enables one to use LATCH easily in high back mode
  • Ideal for small babies
  • You do not need to loosen or remove the harness when switching to booster mode
  • Comes with an easy to understand manual instructions
  • Has a lifespan of 10 years before it expires


  • Has some straps which are somewhat twisted
  • Doesn’t have a lock-off device for fitting with safety belt
  • When using a rear facing mode it can be tricky to tighten the harness

The Bottom Line

Graco is known for making great budget-friendly car seats. The 4Ever is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but with the ability to use only one seat from infant to toddler, it is a bargain. According the new convertible car seat ratings and 2020 buying guide for parents, this is one of the better rated all-around convertible seats on the market. With plush, well ventilated materials, comfort features, and safety enhancements, this is one convertible car seat well worth consideration.